Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dragonslayer Release Concert

So it's finally happened. Dragonslayer is officially out and, much to my enjoyment, critics are loving it. Metacritic Score= 85!

One of the things that I love about LA is that bands always come on the night of their record release. I don't really know if that makes a difference, but to me it makes the shows feel more exciting. Almost ceremonial. I was fortunate enough to attend Sunset Rubdown's record releasing show last night ( 6/23/09) at the Echoplex.

Sunset Rubdown came themselves to set-up their own instruments after spending the past few hours at the merch table. Once set up they began with an electric version "The Empty Threats of Little Lord", which bled into, what I guess is their first single, "Idiot Heart". The night was mainly about promoting their new album Dragonslayer, which front man Spencer Krug made very obvious, but aside from playing almost the entire new album, Spencer Krug also left space for songs from Shut Up, I'm dreaming and Random Spirit Lover.

Overall I was incredibly pleased by the show. It's been so long since I've been to a show where people crowd surfed and moshed. It seemed sort of out of place at an indie-rock show, but the response almost seems natural listening to Sunset Rubdown play song from Dragonslayer

Here is the set list as best I can remember it. They played all these songs, but the order in the middle of the set list is a little murky in my memory.

1.Empty Threats of Little Lord
2.Idiot Heart
3.Black Swan
4.Taming of the Hands, That Came Back to Life
5.Coming to At Dawn
6.Silver Moons
7.Paper Lace
8.You Go on Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)
9.Mending of the Gown
10.Winged/ Wicked Things
11.Dragon's Lair
12.Us One's In Between
13.Nightingales/December Song

These are some of the videos I recorded. Sure they're not the best videos, but the moshers kept bumping me and digital sound recorders sort of suck with loud music. Nevertheless the moment has been documented for all to see :)

Sunset Rubdown - Coming to At Dawn

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