Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fun. "Be Calm"

What would it sound like if your high school drama team got together after school and formed their own indie-pop band? Well my guess is it would sound like Fun.. Fun as in the new indie-pop band called "Fun.". Fun. is the love child of Nate Russ ( formerly of the Format)and Antonoff (Steel Train)and fun is exactly what they sound like. Whereas last year the Little One's Morning Tide set the bar for indie-pop fun, this year Fun. has taken it away from that tropical beach to the stage, where the band makes use of all sorts of theatrics: key changes, time signature changes, violins, trumpets etc.,etc.,etc. The band's downfall might be the fact that they are too poppy, perhaps Nate Russ's voice is too clean and too perfect, but that also just makes it all the more enjoyable when you start to sense a little bit of anger in his voice. Their album Aim and Ignite's opening track "Be Calm" is the perfect song to set the tone for the rest of the album. It swoons from dark ballad, to upbeat pop song, to an almost parade like tune. It is everything but calm, but it is pure fun.

Aim and Ignite comes out August 25th, 2009.Pre-order the vinyl here!

Fun. - Be Calm

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