Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Islands Vapours and LA show

I was excited to hear that so soon after their fantastic Arm's Way album,Islands is returning with their third album Vapours. The new album also sees the return of ex-member Jaime Thompson. I was actually surprised to hear that Jaime had returned since he seemed to be the inspiration for a lot of the darker energy on their sophomore album, like the song "J'aime Vous Voir Quitter".

Vapours is said to be stripped down compared to Arm's Way returning to a more synth sound rather than orchestral. A new track from the album "No You Don't" can be heard on their myspace, which will have to tide fans over until September 22, 2009 when the album is released.

Islands will also be appearing at Los Angeles's Sunset Junction Festival on August 22 along with Delta Spirit and Conor Oberst. You can get tickets to the show here. They are great to see live and it's probably the cheapest festival around California so check it out. And remember ISLANDS ARE FOREVER!

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