Monday, August 17, 2009

Osso Quartet /Sufjan Stevens "Enjoy Your Rabbit"

It's really annoying that there is no news of Sufjan Stevens putting out any records anytime soon. Even more annoying is that Sufjan Stevens is going on tour and not coming to the west coast. Nevertheless we do have Osso's album Run Rabbit Run, an instrumental version of Sufjan Steven's albums Enjoy Your Rabbit, to look forward to. The once-title track "Enjoy Your Rabbit" was recently released by Stereogum and is actually quite cool. I was never much of a fan of Sufjan Steven's super early stuff like Enjoy Your Rabbit, but with the new skin Osso has adorned the song, it's only become more obvious how amazing Sufjan Stevens was even back in the early days. Osso's album Run Rabbit Run will be released October 6th, 2009.

Check it Out: Osso - Enjoy Your Rabbit

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