Thursday, August 13, 2009

Volcano Choir "Island, IS"

If you don't know who Volcano Choir choir is, they might sound more familiar than you think. Volcano Choir is one part Justin Vernon (voice of Bon Iver) and one part Collections of Colonies of Bees ( Justin's favorite experimentalist band from Wisconsin). Together they form a more experimental version of Bon Iver. The words are the same, the voice is the same...everything else is different. The first song released "Island,IS" will be featured on the bands upcoming album Unmap, set to be released September 22nd on Jagjaguwar.

Check it Out:Volcano Choir - Island,IS

P.S. I've seen lots of pictures of Justin Vernon with a banjo in his Volcano Choir pictures, so hopefully we'll get to hear some sweet banjo tunes on their album!

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