Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back in the Day: "Who's to Say"

I don't know if anybody remembers them, but I use to be really into the band Home Town Hero back in '02. It's basically these guys:

Well I don't expect anybody to really remember them, but their self-titled album was amazing, at least my 14 year old self thought so, and I think it still holds up today. Nowadays people might know the band as Under the Influence of Giants (UTIOG). After they left Maverick they were forced to change their name for legal reasons, and they also apparantly had to change their sound. Completely. Don't get me wrong I do like UTIOG. I've seen them in concert twice and they put on a great show, but they've replaced anger and passion, for disco and groovin. There's a transition in their albums. There's the poppy-bitter album Home Town Hero released on Maverick, followed by Bitch City, which was never released at all except for on Myspace, and then there's the full fledged Under the Influence of Giants album. Bitch City might in fact be their best album, it's a great mixture of raw emotion and 70's groove, that finds the best of their previous and future albums. In a later post I'll go ahead and actually post the Bitch City album, since it was freely distributed online anyway.

In the mean time everyone should support UTIOG, so we can see what Aaron Bruno (singer) has up his sleeve next.

Home Town Hero - Who's to Say

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