Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sufjan Stevens reworks Enjoy Your Rabbit

I was excited when I first heard that Sufjan Stevens was going to release another album, but be warned this is not a new Sufjan Stevens album. I'm actually a little confused as to how much Sufjan Stevens even has to do with this album aside from the source material and the album artwork. Apparently Sufjan's Brooklyn buddy, the National's Bryce Dessner, suggested that Stevens rework his 2001 album Enjoy Your Rabbit for the quartet Osso, whom played on Illinois. The album will be called Run Rabbit Run and will come out on Asthmatic Kitty October 6. The album will be arranged by various budding musicians such as: Nico Muhly, Michael Atkinson, Olivier Manchon, Maxim Moston, Rob Moose, and Gabriel Kahane.

The tracklist is as follows:
1. Year of the Ox (arr. Michael Atkinson)
2. Enjoy Your Rabbit (arr. Michael Atkinson)
3. Year of the Monkey (arr. Michael Atkinson)
4. Year of the Tiger (arr. Rob Moose)
5. Year of the Dragon (arr. Nico Muhly)
6. Year of the Snake (arr. Olivier Manchon)
7. Year of the Horse (arr. Rob Moose)
8. Year of the Sheep (arr. Maxim Moston)
9. Year of the Rat (arr. Olivier Manchon)
10. Year of the Rooster (arr. Gabriel Kahane)
11. Year of the Dog (arr. Rob Moose)
12. Year of the Boar (arr. Michael Atkinson)
13. Year of Our Lord (arr. Michael Atkinson)

Also Sufjan Stevens is said to play at this years Pop Montreal Festival, suggesting possibly that Sufjan will tour some more around the states? Yes? Eh probably not.

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