Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bitch City

If you haven't heard of the Los Angeles based band Under the Influence of Giants (UTIOG), you should. They're bringing disco back, but for now I'd like to take a step back to their older days as Home Town Hero. I've talked about the roots of this band in an earlier blog and as I promised I would post their semi-unreleased album Bitch City. They recorded it after their dispute with Maverick, before they officially became UTIOG and before they had any sort of distribution. So they said "fuck it" to the record labels and just put it online for free. That was about five years ago (2004), and I think it's about time it got some recirculation, so I urge everyone to download every track and give it a go. After all...it's free.

Bitch City Files
01 Workin
02 Robbers
03 Bones
04 Beautiful
05 Daysleeper
06 Hell of a Guy
07 Stage Fright
08 By Chance
09 Hi-Lo
10 Golden
11 Elf Trot
12 This is War

If you like what you hear then you should by all means support this little band that can by either purchasing their Home Town Hero Self-Title Record or their Debut Under the Influence of Giants record


  1. Hey! I am a huge fan of home town hero. I have their first album, but cannot find Bitch City anywhere. The links above are broken. Is there any way you could repost it or anything?

  2. por favor!!!
    re-upload plissssss...

  3. http://kickass.to/bitch-city-home-town-hero-under-the-influence-of-giants-t8691462.html