Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time to Die

The Dodos' new album Time to Die hit the interweb today, and although I can't really give my full opinion on it yet, I thought I'd throw a song out there so people can gather a taste for it (I've also congregated a few tracks from among the web). From what little I've heard the drums are the same, the guitar is the same, however the production quality seems a bit higher. Rather than sounding like the songs were recorded in bedroom, it sounds like they took this one to the studio. The songs also seem to have less of that scattered-panic feel that songs like "Jodi" had. However maybe this is just a sign that our beloved Dodos are maturing? I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Nevertheless I'm always happy for some more Dodos!

If you're in the Los Angeles area the Dodos will be playing a free show at the Getty Museum August 8th and if you don't like waiting in big crowds, or hate art snobs, then there is always their show at the El Rey September 27 ($15 + fees).

Time to Die
1. "Small Deaths"
2. "Longform" *via hypemachine
3. "Fables"*via hypemachine
4. "The Strums
5. "This Is A Business"
6. "Two Medicines" * via hypemachine
7. "Troll Nacht"* via hypemachine
8. "Acorn Factory"
9. "Time To Die"

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