Monday, July 13, 2009

Heartbeat Radio

Sondre Lerche is a young (26) fun-loving guy, who likes to write fun love-songs. Made popular by writing the soundtrack to Peter Hedge’s Dan in Real Life, he has now recorded his next album Heartbeat Radio and its first single, of the same name, can be heard on his Myspace page. It sounds very much in the style of Sondre Lerche, but now with the backing of a string section (ooooohh!).The album is set to come out September 8th and Sondre will be playing a show at the Los Angeles Troubadour on September 24th. If you want to watch a guy who is great at guitar and has always been loyal to his fans in Los Angeles then I recommend going to see Sondre Lerche.

Heartbeat Radio

01 "Good Luck"
02 "Heartbeat Radio"
03 "I Cannot Let You Go"
04 "Like Lazenby"
05 "If Only"
06 "Pioneer"
07 "Easy to Persuade"
08 "Words and Music"
09 "I Guess it's Gonna Rain Today"
10 "Almighty Moon"
11 "Don't Look Now"
12 "Goodnight"

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